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Automotive Technicians report to us that OIL in cooling systems can most ably be removed by using the above product instead of a Radiator Flush.

Our view:

As TEC-2000 FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER is water miscible, it will mix with water and form a powerful solvent mix which will rapidly dissolve and remove oil residues. The product was not originally designed with this application in view, but practical usage has shown that it performs this task very well indeed.

In terms of the effect, most radiator flush is designed to remove rust, scale and lime deposits. Generally radiator flushes do not work very well on oil.  There are some “caustic” variants on the market which would help to remove oil, but the feed-back from mechanics has been that nothing works as well as TEC-2000 FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER.

They report that when confronted by oil in the cooling system, they use it in the cooling system as directed for our TEC-2000 RADIATOR FLUSH and have obtained excellent results.


We would agree that if it is to be used, this would be the way:

Add a full tin of TEC-2000 FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER to a warm (not hot) radiator. Move heater control to “Hot”. Start and run Engine for 15-20 minutes. Drain and flush well with clean water. Refill Cooling system according to manufacturers’ specifications, including anti-freeze as directed.

We note as a caution that the chemistry of the fuel injector cleaner is likely to attack rubber hosing. Therefore if it is left in the cooling system for longer than 20 minutes or is not properly flushed out, damage to the piping could result.