Automotive Petrochemicals

The Management of TEC-2000 Limited have a long, varied and distinguished career in the motor workshop petrochemical industry. This includes entering this market sector in 1973 and being involved initially in sales and marketing for a multinational American company. This was followed by a successful career helping to build a new brand into a world-wide product name in the industry at senior management level and later at Director and shareholder level.

In 1994, the new product TEC-2000 was launched. It was an entirely new venture and the manufacturing was located in the UK for the first time. The products are now available across the UK, in Switzerland, Croatia and the Balkans, the Czech Republic, in a number of States in the USA, across Germany and in Africa.  The products are manufactured in the UK.  Manufacture started in November 1994.  The factory currently producing our products is available for inspection by appointment to selected clients. All batches are numbered for traceability to every can produced. Quality testing of all production work is carried out and recorded regularly at various  points during manufacture, and batch samples are retained.

The mission of TEC-2000 is to produce and make available products which do what we claim. They are all able to be demonstrated to give performance benefits on actual vehicles in commercial workshops. On this basis and this basis alone we have found growing respect and acceptance of our products, all over the world.Some of the emission test results (before and after) are to be found on this web-site. In all cases these tests have been conducted under the watchful eyes of a sometimes sceptical workshop audience.

The lion’s share of our products sold has been those shown to reduce emissions from diesel and petrol engines to a surprising degree. About 95 % of the products sold are those items which help to give this benefit to Planet Earth’s environment. Currently some 250,000 vehicles per year are treated with our products. 

We are actively looking for more distributors world-wide and welcome trade enquiries on our contact page. We thank you for visiting our web-site and invite you to contact our company for any further information.

Mike Knowles