TEC-2000 Airco  Freshener Service Spray




What it does

TEC-2000 Airco Fresher Service Spray  is designed to clean and refresh the air-conditioner air cycling system in automotive application. It will work quickly without the need to disemble the system. It reduces or eliminates unpleasant, stale or damp odours which often present when the air-conditioner is first switched on. The effects for many months.

TEC-2000 Airco Fresher Service Spray contains air fresheners, fungicides deodorisers and bactericidal agents. These effectively reduce or eliminate odours and help to kill off the bacteria which can threaten health and cause unpleasant odours.



What it is

TEC-2000 Airco Fresher Service Spray is a “ONE SHOT” treatment to freshen up the output of air coming out of the air conditioner in automotive application. It is a unique blend of carefully researched air fresheners, deodorisers and anti-bacterial and fungicidal agents which are diluted and dissolved into a carrier solvent. The levels of these agents are high and it competes with other larger, less concentrated products, most effectively. The aerosol delivers a very fine droplet size of product, keeping it suspended in the air and hence allowing it to be circulated through the air con system most effectively.

TEC-2000 Airco Fresher Service Spray is supplied in a one shot aerosol container, designed for single use. The product is propelled by a non-flammable gas and so reduces the amount of flammable material being dispensed into the car.


How to use it

TEC-2000 Airco Fresher Service Spray cans should be shaken well before use. The can should be placed upright in the front passenger seat foot well. (Push the passenger seat as far back as possible). The vehicle should be started and the air conditioner switched on to the maximum fan speed and the air should be on “recirculate”. The air should be directed through the face level vents only and these should be directed towards the centre of the interior of the vehicle. Close all windows and sun roof.

Make sure that no person/s or animals are in the vehicle.

Close all doors except the front passenger door. Activate the push valve on top of the aerosol can by pushing firmly until the product sprays out fully and close the passenger door. Try not to inhale the spray. Make sure the spray is not directed onto the upholstery or dash board directly.

Leave the vehicle idling for about 20 minutes. Thereafter, open all doors and dispose of the aerosol can as per local regulations. Allow the vehicle to air for at least 5 minutes.