TEC-2000 Diesel System Cleaner

Diesel System Cleaner



What it Does

This is a multi-functional fuel additive for diesel engines. It is metal free. It contains recognised Diesel lubricants which will help increase fuel pump life and will help reduce the effects of the poor lubricity of low sulphur diesel fuels. The composition and lubricity of  TEC-2000 Diesel System Cleaner - Tank Additive reduces wear in injection plungers and piston rings, while it cleans.

The product contains powerful cleaner solvents which clean injector nozzles which in turn gives ultimate atomisation of the injected fuel. This will improve the combustion process. The result is a drastic reduction of the characteristic black diesel exhaust fumes and fuel consumption. Many tests have been carried out, in many different parts of the U.K. at official Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing stations, which show immediate exhaust emission reductions of up to as much as 60%. Power increases of up to 10% can also be measured, on appropriate equipment.

When used regularly, fuel savings of between 4% and 8% have been recorded, usually in conjunction with the use of TEC-2000 Engine Flush. Additionally, the cleaning of piston rings, combustion chambers and inlet and exhaust ports, together with the minimising of deposits on pistons, all contribute to improved engine performance.

The solvent package built into TEC-2000 Diesel System Cleaner - Tank Additive will clean deposit build-ups from injector nozzles thereby further improving atomisation and fuel economy.


What is it

TEC-2000 Diesel System Cleaner - Tank Additive is a multi-functional diesel fuel system cleaner which benefits the diesel engine. The formulation has been tried and tested, all over the Europe, for the past few years and has been used in over 150,000 vehicles. The active ingredients are sourced in Europe and the final formulation is arguably the most effective of its type available in the world, today.


How to use it

TEC-2000 Diesel System Cleaner - Tank Additive should be added to the fuel tank. One can per average motor car tank (40-90 litres) would be sufficient, twice a year to affect a clean-up. For fuel treatment for transport companies, please refer to your area representative for specific advice. In severe cases the product can be poured into the fuel filter housing and the vehicle run on the pure product.

For specific problems with partially blocked injectors, use TEC-2000 Diesel Injector Cleaner, as directed.