TEC-2000 Radiator Stop Leak

Radiator Stop Leak


Technically the World's Best!


What it Does

TEC-2000 Radiator Stop Leak is designed to help give maximum protection against cooling system failure due to leaks and seepage in pressurised automotive cooling systems without causing clogging of radiator cores or heater matrixes. This will prevent loss of coolant and antifreeze mixtures and keep the cooling system functioning at the correct pressure. This, in turn, will prevent overheating and premature engine failure. TEC-2000 Radiator Stop Leak also helps prevent cavitation and foaming in the cooling system and helps to reduce both rust and corrosion.




What it is

TEC-2000 Radiator Stop Leak is a unique blend of finely balanced microscopic fibres in suspension combined with chemicals to help prevent foaming, corrosion and rust formation. It is designed to be compatible with all conventional antifreezes.


How to use it

Firstly, shake the bottle well. TEC-2000 Radiator Stop Leak should then be added to the cooling system with the engine idling and at operating temperature. Make sure that the heater is switched "on". BE WARNED: WHEN OPENING HOT AUTOMOTIVE COOLING SYSTEMS THE DANGER OF BEING SCALDED IS EVER PRESENT. The system should be opened carefully so as to slowly release pressure without having hot coolant spraying around. Protective clothing, gloves and face protection is advised.

NOTE: It is recommended that should any rust or scale be in evidence, that the cooling system first be treated with TEC-2000 Radiator Flush. Dosage rate: _ to 1 375ml bottle of TEC-2000 Radiator Stop Leak for average sized motor car cooling system, depending on severity of leak.