TEC-2000 Engine Flush

Engine Flush



What it Does

Removes sludge, varnish, carbon and other contaminants from the crankcase. Cleans carbon and varnish from piston ring-grooves and piston rings, and allows them to work efficiently again. This, in turn, raises compressions - often by as much as double - and thereby improves piston ring seal and reduces oil consumption drastically. As it cleans it also frees noisy hydraulic valve lifters, improves engine efficiency, and helps to keep new engine oil cleaner, longer. TEC-2000 Engine Flush lubricates as it cleans the engine internally and therefore will not harm moving parts. Black sludge can be eradicated forever by using this product regularly. This product will give a lasting result. However it is recommended that it be used regularly - at least once a year - to keep your vehicle engine clean and efficient.


What is it

TEC-2000 Engine Flush formulation is a unique blend of solvents and extreme pressure lubricants. It is one of the first to be formulated without using Chlorinated Hydrocarbons. This means no harmful fumes whilst the product does its job. TEC-2000 Engine Flush - acknowledged to be one of the most powerful and effective Engine Flushes - is safe and easy to use in any environment. The formulation has been marketed world-wide for over 10 years with great success and acceptance by professionals in the motor trade.

How to use it

TEC-2000 Engine Flush is simply added to the old oil, (at the normal service interval) with the engine at working temperature. The engine is then run at idle or fast idle for 10 - 15 minutes (use exhaust extractors or use in a well ventilated area - e.g. outside), after which the oil is drained, a new oil filter is fitted and the engine is refilled with new, clean oil. Where the vehicle has displayed specific problems, e.g. sticky rings, erratic compressions, excessive oil consumption or black sludge, run the engine at idle for about 25 to 30 minutes before draining the old oil and completing the service. The combination of a powerful detergent and an extremely effective lubricant is unique and the product can be used in all engines, diesel, gas and petrol driven in complete safety.

Dosage rate: One 375ml tin of TEC-2000 Engine Flush for each full 4-5 litres of engine oil capacity.
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