TEC-2000 Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel System Cleaner - Tank Additive



 What it Does 

Cleans entire Fuel System by removing any moisture build-up in the fuel tank and its strengthened solvent package cleans injectors and injector nozzles, thereby improving the atomisation and spray pattern of the injected fuel. The product thus improves combustion and fuel efficiency while helping to reduce the effects of water build-up. The high concentration of the sophisticated additive package will clean up areas such as valve and piston deposits, lamda sensors and catalytic exhaust converters, after combustion. 

Water build up can cause “phase separation” of the octane boosters in modern lead free fuels and this will affect the power output and running characteristics of the vehicle. When used regularly, (2 or more times per year) the composition of TEC-2000 Fuel System Cleaner - Tank Additive helps reduce any moisture build up in the fuel system, helps clean away upper cylinder deposits and deposits on valves and valve stems and prevent partial blocking of injectors. Cleaning of the lamda sensor allows the electronic brain to “see” what is happening during combustion and make the necessary adjustments to the fuel/air ratios which effect emissions, power delivery and economy of the vehicle. Additionally, TEC-2000 Fuel System Cleaner - Tank Additive will reduce upper cylinder wear and reduce deposits on catalytic converters. Often it will eliminate the characteristic "rotten egg" smell associated with deposits on catalytic exhaust converters. The product will also be effective in carburettored vehicles. 


What it is 

TEC-2000 Fuel System Cleaner - Tank Additive is a multi-functional fuel system cleaner, which benefits the entire fuel system for the petrol engine. The formulation has been tried and tested, all over the world, for many years, but is regularly subjected to technical updates. The technology behind the active ingredients is sourced from the United States of America and the final formulation is arguably the most effective of its type available in the world today. The product will not damage catalytic exhaust converters. 

How to use it

The product should be used with regular servicing as a preventative to clean all the above mentioned areas once or twice a year. TEC-2000 Fuel System Cleaner - Tank Additive should be added to the fuel tank of the vehicle. 
Where it is required to cure an existing problem relating to suspected injector fouling, 
TEC-2000 Fuel Injector Cleaner should be used, as directed.