TEC-2000 Oil Booster

Oil Booster



What it Does

TEC-2000 Oil Booster will help reduce oil consumption, oil burning and exhaust pollution. It will also help to maintain oil pressure in older vehicles and it contains extra anti wear additives that will protect even an older engine from further wear. Its unique anti-wear package also prevents oil oxidation and "hardening" which means that even in extreme conditions the oils will flow freely to the moving parts of the engine for full protection between oil change service intervals. TEC-2000 Oil Booster will also neutralise harmful crankcase acids which are a prime cause of engine wear and will quieten cold start noises, especially those connected with hydraulic valve lifters.


What is it

TEC-2000 Oil Booster is based on a long chain polyolefin copolymer (designed to stabilise the viscosity of the vehicle engine oil) and a blend of specialised oil additives. All the oil additives used in TEC-2000 Oil Booster, which will help keep the engine clean and reduce wear, have been passed by leading motor manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rover, Volkswagen, Seat, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Citröen, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, etc., etc. They are recognised additives used in today’s highest grade API (American Petroleum Institute) “SJ" (and "CD" for Diesel Engines) grade oils. They also meet, or exceed, the requirements of the European CCMC. TEC-2000 Oil Booster is one of the very few products of its type available which utilises additives of such high, world-wide recognised specifications.


How to use it

TEC-2000 Oil Booster should be added to the clean fill of new oil in the vehicle engine, immediately after the oil change. It is preferable if the engine is first run until the new engine oil is warm. The engine should then be switched off, and the TEC-2000 Oil Booster added to the oil through the oil filler. The oil filler cap is then closed again. The engine should then be started and idled for 5 minutes. TEC-2000 Oil Booster can be used in both petrol and Diesel powered vehicles. NOTE: For best results it is recommended that any commercially available engine oil of around 5w/10w/20w - 50 viscosity grades be used. The type should be of API "SH" or better. All these specifications should be easily found on the label. The product will be effective with all commercially available oils though.

Dosage rate: One 375ml tin of TEC-2000 Oil Booster for each full 4 litres of engine oil